Even amid our greatest challenge, our values keep us going

We learn the most about both ourselves and our colleagues when we are put under pressure - it is in these times that our true values guide us in what we do.

The pathology profession has never been strained more than it has been in 2020 as laboratories, clinicians and diagnostics companies all participate to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The contribution, and value, of pathology systems in a public health response is more apparent today than ever before.

At Abbott, we aspire to live out our values every day, and in these crucial moments they come to fore. Some of these values are captured in this edition of OneDx.

We Pioneer. This is shown in the use of diagnostics in response to COVID-19 and in the creation and application of information platforms that enable the capture and utilisation of data for meaningful outcomes to unlock the potential of testing technologies.

We Achieve, this is showcased in how novel ways of laboratory optimisation are being developed using patient based real-time quality control in clinical chemistry.

We Endure, as demonstrated in the domain of point of care where Abbott’s i-Stat has been a way to deliver non COVID-19 testing across NSW Health Pathology’s network to provide training and quality assurance to a large number of operators whilst keeping clinical teams safe in challenging circumstances.

And most of all, We Care as we assist all our customers respond to the challenge of COVID-19, in this edition we explore how a busy Victorian laboratory responded to the pandemic.

At Abbott, every day we see the spirit of ingenuity, adaptability and resilience among our customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand - no doubt you see it too within your own organisation. As you reflect on this year, I am sure that like me, you share a sense of pride and admiration of how your colleagues have met the challenges of this unique year.