How a busy radiology clinic improved its workflow and patient experience

One of Queensland’s busiest imaging clinics, has improved its workflow and patient experience by bringing creatinine testing in-house.

Queensland X-Ray at Greenslopes Private Hospital, uses Abbott’s handheld i-STAT Alinity Analyser to perform creatinine testing with eGFR displayed on the screen, to screen for the presence of renal impairment prior to the administration of intravenous contrast. The i-STAT Alinity provides results within five minutes and this saves at least an hour if the test were to be sent to a laboratory.*

This prevents inconvenience for the one in ten patients who arrive for contrast-enhanced imaging without having been referred for blood work prior to the scan.*

The clinic also uses the Abbott i-STAT PT/INR test on the i-STAT 1 analyser before performing invasive procedures in patients who have been prescribed anticoagulants.

"We get quite a number of people who come in who haven’t had a recent blood test," says Rachael Taylor, a registered nurse who works in the department.

"GPs, for example, don't always remember to order blood tests before a scan or a procedure. Sometimes patients are urgent cases directly from the hospital, and there has not been time to arrange blood tests."

"Having the ability to do the test in the department saves about an hour for each relevant patient. Even if we tick urgent on a test, it never takes less than 30 minutes."

"We are a busy department with full lists for scanning and procedures. If we were to have a delay, that would have an impact not only on our workflow but also inconvenience the patient as well."

Five benefits of the Abbott i-STAT Alinity system

  1. RAPID TEST RESULTS – Maximise resources by assessing renal function in minutes, enabling immediate care for routine and urgent cases.
  2. RELIABLE ACCURACY – Lab-accurate results enable radiology clinicians to make patient care decisions with confidence.
  3. SMALL BLOOD SAMPLE – Just two or three drops of blood are required, making testing easier on staff and patients.
  4. EASE OF USE – Simple, intuitive operation of the i-STAT Alinity system with the Creatinine and CHEM8+ cartridges makes it ideal for busy imaging practices.
  5. ON-SCREEN eGFR CALCULATION – i-STAT Alinity can be set to display a calculated eGFR automatically.

* Quoted statistics are based upon this clinics experience. The results shown here are specific to one health care facility and may differ from those achieved by other institutions.

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